Houston, The Great American City

I will tell them, you don’t have to be a cowboy to love Houston, though it’ll sure put a kick in your step and want to make you buy a good pair of boots. I will tell them, you can be anything you want to be in Houston, Texas, as long as you love Texas, you’ll do just fine.


Don’t Worry About Dresses

There are some evenings, you dream about looking a certain way, and feeling like, well, Cinderella. This was not a night to fulfill that old fantasy of mine. I imagine there will be others but perhaps the best night of all, the night I feel most beautiful, will likely be the night I planned to be no such thing at all. Spontaneity is kinder to the unassuming…and the humorous.

10 Life Lessons From My One-Bedroom

…to spend the year asking myself the toughest questions, to test my strengths, pay bills, make mistakes, educate myself, achieve balance, exercise, pray, call my family, write letters, volunteer somewhere no one knows me and become acquainted with a new subject and a new people, sleep.

New Soul in an Old World

  I have recently graduated college. And all of a sudden, I am on the precipice of a new beginning, a kind of beginning I have experienced only once before: on my first… Continue reading

Adventure #608: John and Coco’s Day of Fun

I had wanted to give him a taste of the childhood I had grown up with – his mother had grown up with – an amalgam of planned and spontaneous adventuring, reading, running, meeting other children, Froot Loops, horse rides, and family member to guide you through it all while holding you hand.

11 Tips for the First-Time Apartment Seeker

I equate the first year out of college to toddler-hood, like I am learning to walk again. I am bound to make mistakes, but I am determined to do so in “Coco” style, with my chin up, my heart in the right place, and my wits about me.

32 Texas Road Lessons

In the summer of 2011, I immersed myself in Texas and it made a distinct impression on me. Here are the lessons I earned on the road. I will have these stories to share with my children and grandchildren in the hopes that they, too, will want to travel through this great state, free in spirit and light in heart.

In A Sentimental Mood

I talk to people, all sorts of people, and the only thing we have in common is the fact that we’re sharing an elevator, or we’re in line to buy iced coffee, or we’re awkwardly huddled in the subway…actually, that is one time no one talks.

Adventures with Claire Hollenbeck #284

Time with Claire Hollenbeck is a story well made, adult happenings spiced with the playful magic of childhood.

Bucket List 88: New York, New York

This is a list of restaurants, bars, people, street corners, parks, as well as moments that stand out as something worth repeating or, at the very least, remembering.