I spent apart of my gap year in 2008-2009 writing for 435 South Magazine, a lifestyle publication in Johnson County, Kansas. I worked as the Editorial Assistant to the Managing Editor. In this role, I produced copy for features articles, happenings, and advertisements. I developed steadfast organizational skills a strong sense for community culture and trendsetting.  I developed an acute eye for local news and specials at established and upcoming businesses around town. Below are links to articles I produced in past issues:

435 South Magazine, January 2009, The “Best Of” Issue

Best Of

435 South Magazine, February 2009, Buzz, “Heart to Heart”
435 South Magazine, March 2009, Enterprise, “Fashionable Fanwear”
435 South Magazine, March 2009, Meet Your Neighbor, “Sabre Woman”
435 South Magazine, April 2009, Buzz, “The Boy Wonder”
435 South Magazine, April 2009, Meet Your Neighbor, “The Ice Cream King”
435 South Magazine, May 2009, Buzz, “A Cup For a Cure”
435 South Magazine, May 2009, Romanelli Optix Advertorial (pg. 92-93), photography
435 South Magazine, June 2009, KC Trends advertorial (pg. 56-57)
435 South Magazine, June 2009, Meet Your Neighbor, “Bend It Like Besler”
435 South Magazine, July 2009, Buzz, “Top Chef”
435 South Magazine, July 2009, Meet Your Neighbor, “Misadventures of a Musician”
435 South Magazine, August 2009, Meet Your Neighbor, “The Rain Main”
435 South Magazine, August 2009, Enterprise, “The Dream Team”

For the past few years, I have also served as a contributing writer for Stanislaus Magazine , a lifestyle magazine in Modesto, California. Below are links to articles I produced in past issues:

For the past few summers, I have worked for Fearless Critic Media, a brutally honest, independent food and wine publishing company based in New York City. As the Publisher’s Assistant and Social Media Director, I was a jack-of-all-trades to meet the ever-demanding needs of the publishing world. From my Publishers and food critics, Robin Goldstein and Alexis Herchkowitsch, I learned how to use honesty and wit to describe the restaurant industry and draw readership. My assignments included finding scouting new writers and buyers, planning and executing promotional events, developing relationships with key media bloggers and writers in the food and wine world, as well as proofreading, and producing consumer reports based on social media content while managing a popular Twitter account daily. This past summer I was responsible for coordinating a promotional tour through Texas in the cities where the Restaurant Guides were launched: Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. I planned the campaign around meetings with food writers, radio producers, in addition to news and magazine editors.  I edited and was published in the following books:

Fearless Critic Houston Restaurant Guide:

Fearless Critic Houston Restaurant Guide, 3rd ed.

Fearless Critic Dallas Restaurant Guide:

Fearless Critic Dallas Restaurant Guide

Fearless Critic Austin Restaurant Guide: 

Fearless Critic Austin Restaurant Guide, 4th ed.

Fearless Critic San Antonio Restaurant Guide: 

Fearless Critic San Antonio Restaurant Guide

The Wine Trials 2011: 

Wine Trials 2011 Contributors