Show Me Missouri Part 3: Route 66 and Romantic America

We had done, seen and tasted Missouri as it unfolded over our three-day wayfaring – it had been the romantic Missouri I had hoped to see – large rolling lands, simple towns styled all-American, tradition, beer, running with the river’s currents, sleeping on its soil and smelling like its forests.


Show Me Missouri Part 2: River Run in Steelville

Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer were there in spirit as we voyaged through the wilderness, eating nothing but Lunchables and ruffing it the only way we knew how – with waterproof mascara and bug spray.

Show Me Missouri Part I: Road Bound and Reeling

It was a pure America I rarely get to see with modest Americans I’ve never really known – it sent me reeling in our passing car.

The Leader

…the poem included everything I had hoped to give her – a dedication to her impact in my life.

The Editorial Game

I can be a student and a writer and I’m not settling for obscurity.

The Sixth Entry: Cleaning to Live (and definitely not the other way around)

I’ve designated Sunday the official day of room overhaul, so I may live the following six days in blissful neglect. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s my system.

The Fifth Entry: Gas Station Delight

“It’s the best BBQ in Kansas City, which means it’s the best BBQ in the world.” If Oklahoma Joe’s is good enough for man-about-world Anthony Bourdain and his extensive foodie prowess, than it’s… Continue reading

The Fourth Entry: 21 Years of Coco

I visited three stores in search of the perfect princess dress-up tiara, specifically with a fake silver sheen and the words “Birthday Girl” written across the top in pink and purple. CHECK – I… Continue reading

The Third Entry: Is it really babysitting if all you did was eat cookies?

Babysitting is a luxury job I never appreciated when I was twelve and snot-nosed – to me it was very hard work. A handful of sweaty restaurant jobs later – now I know… Continue reading

The First Entry: Introducing My World

If you like me well enough so far, I’m eager to invite you into my daily life, into the rollicking adventures of Coco – and yes, that’s what they call me.