A Kind of Independence Day

And that is how I fought to see the Macy’s fireworks from the Hudson, just as it was meant to be seen. How American of me.

Afterward, there was apple pie.


World Cup with my morning coffee

I walked into the bar, packed as usual, to find Berliners and Londoners cursing at the screen. I’ll spare you the stereotypical details – but it was all there in front of me – and it was fantastic.

To Daddy (yes, I sometimes still call him that)

You know when he is enjoying himself because his cheeks get red and he wears an expression of laughter. He’ll look around with this face, sometimes holding a beer in one hand, and its as if he’s soaking up something great.

Subway Goers, According to an Unnatural Subway Goer

When the train braked to make a stop, he leaned with the motions and half-way toppled over me. Had he fallen asleep? I wondered this as I gently pushed him upright again. His eyes were partially closed like a lazing cat. No one likes to be touched so much by sleeping strangers.

McSorley’s Old Ale House

McSorley’s is the kind of bar you read about in Charles Dickens novels, you see them depicted in movies like Gangs of New York. You picture surly regulars, rowdy tables, deafening chatter and thuds from mugs hitting the tables. It was all real.

Location: Central Park, Activity: People Watching

I appeared to be like any other: lounging on a light-weight blanket in the grasses of the Great Lawn in Central Park, wearing a purple bakini and brown sun hat casting a shadow over my eyes that gave me just enough coverage to people watch!

New York: revisited

On the subway, I renounce personal space and comfort to watch a homeless man scatting next to a Hugo Boss model, two gabbing kids from Long Island, a village hipster, a rabbi and a priest.

Traded sanity for Trader Joe’s

I am twenty-one years old, living for the first time in my own apartment with a kitchen. I have survived this long on my mom and college meal plans. But this summer, I chronicle the beginning of my foodie independence – with Trader Joe’s to thank.

Serious Vintage Shopping

The August antique sale-a-rama delivered yet again as vendors packaged their best merchandise to look as if all decades of the 20th century had returned in the form of home furnishings.

Breakfast of Champions

There is nothing wrong with over-caffeinating, over-stimulating, jittery coffee morning madness – it’s America. I can’t stand and I mean CAN’T STAND it when I’m pouring myself a second cup of joe and… Continue reading