New York: revisited

So how did I end up here, back in New York? I called my mother a few months ago to tell her the news – that I’d been offered an internship in publishing – and asked her to guess the locale. She knew immediately by the curious tone of my voice and was not pleased.

“New York!? Not again.”

My brother was pleased.

“It’s about damn time. I don’t know why you left in the first place.”

My old pal Verna, who lives and works in the city (she was my first real friend in New York) couldn’t believe it.

“RU SRIUS?!?!” She texted, “OMGGGGGG!!!”

But I didn’t know how I felt.

The year had been unexpectedly great. Rice University in Houston, Tx. had given me new friends I grew to love, English profs I could listen to for hours, traditions, community, memories and moments of growing pains I can look back on warmly. It gave me something New York never quite delivered. But that’s college.

In the summer, when I can do whatever the hell I want to do, New York is a place I can work.In the early morning, with my coffee and The New York Times in hand, there is nothing better. As a writer, people watching is golden here. On the subway, I renounce personal space and comfort to watch a homeless man scatting next to a Hugo Boss model,  two gabbing kids from Long Island, a village hipster, a rabbi and a priest.  Sure, it’s not the reason for my return – the internship is – but it all helps to make this experience a Coco one.

So far, I’ve explored or re-explored the following:

Central Park



Greenwich Village


Not bad for my first few days, but I have yet to find my favorite Chinese take-out…more on this to come.