Breakfast of Champions

coffee posterThere is nothing wrong with over-caffeinating, over-stimulating, jittery coffee morning madness – it’s America. I can’t stand and I mean CAN’T STAND it when I’m pouring myself a second cup of joe and someone behind me announces – “I’m cutting down on my caffeine intake – that’s why I’m carrying this water bottle.”

The other day, I just responded back, “Well I’m upping my dosage!” And why should I feel guilty about that. Hundreds of years ago, you woke up, ate breakfast, walked over to your apprenticeship making horse shoes, eat dinner and write a letter to someone by candlelight – that was how people spent an average day. They didn’t have traffic jams and board meetings in the morning or electricity and David Letterman to keep them awake past sunset. They didn’t have phrases floating around everyday coversation like “cut-throat competition” and “workaholic” – but we do. Which says something about our culture – the coffee culture.

We’re dependant on it now like we are for food, as a source of energy. Even now, I’m writing this entry with caffeine pumping through my blood and I’m grateful for the energy boost and overall mind quickness it allows me to have. And it’s completely underrated as a health food. Take for example – coffee is considered a beneficial in the following ways:

1. Lowers risk of type 2 diabetes

2.Lifts moods

3. Treats headaches

4. Lowers risk of developing cavities

5. Lowers risk of developing colon cancer by 25%

6. Lowers risk of developing liver cirrhosis by 80 %

7. Lowers risk of developing gallstones by 50 %

8. Lowers risk of heart disease for heavy smokers and drinkers

9. Treats asthma

10. Directly reduces risk of Parkinson’s diesase

11. Enhances athletic endurance and performance

12. Lessens possibility of developing depression

13. Enhances cognitive test-taking abilities


Why is coffee begining to sound more healthful than legitimate vitamins? Because coffee beans are loaded with antioxidants which apparently transform into these mega-medicinal compounds when roasted. I was a fan before I did this research – but now I have actual reasons to drink it besides seeking energy – which remains my main reason. Again, its America!