The First Entry: Introducing My World


To begin, the following list ranks the six most important things about my life as it lies – more to come later.

1. I am 20-years-old.

2. I offer only a young woman’s 20-years-old insight

3.  I took a gap year between my freshman and sophomore college years.

4. I attended NYU for one year after salivating about city life for about a decade before that.

5. I am planning a new life in Houston where I never thought I would live – Texas – at a new university named after a food I could probably live without – Rice.

6.  I am Irish Catholic, born and raised in the Midwest,

So what, you say? Why readcoco? Why read me? I won’t convince you with my stellar photography skills. Although I’ll often post a few shabby shots of my own handiwork, all cropped and edited on a very weathered off-white MacBook, but it will not be the stuff of Ansel Adams.

I can’t promise anything, but sometimes, I might write humorously. One thing you can be sure of – I won’t embellish for the sake of entertainment or anything else for that matter and that really is something in the time we’re living in and especially for bloggers.

On that note,  I’m really no good off the cuff…a quality a real blogger should have. To prove my point, I’ll be frank and let you in on a secret – I wrote this blurb originally on a word document and it didn’t translate so now, I’m re-typing everything. It’s taken me half a day to produce (sad!)

So you’ve caught me! I’m really not a” blogger” of an accepted or mainstream identity, meaning I don’t subscribe to The New York Times or US Weekly. I don’t have the want or temperament to manufacture line after line of snarky phrases about Sarah Palin or Lindsay Lohan. I don’t twitter or text (gasp!) and dammit, I prefer newspapers over news websites!

But the ayes have it and Coco has caved to the beckon of the savvy blogger. Like Winston Churchill crossing the floor in Parliament to sit as a member of the Liberal Party, so too have I crossed communication mediums to sit as an active member of this new writing world.

Have I been welcomed? Better question: will you read me? If you like me well enough so far, I’m eager to invite you into my daily life, into the rollicking adventures of Coco – and yes, that’s what they call me.